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How Savvy Martial Arts School Owners Are Seeing


After turning on this 8-Point Smart Marketing Tech™
that's built for people that aren't good with computers.

There's one tool in the martial arts business that's responsible

for thousands of enrollments across the US and the world for that matter .

And I'm going to tell you about in just a minute.

I first heard about this from one of my mentors, the famous Jay Abraham, in the late 90's early 2000's...And it's why many of the world's top martial arts professionals today are actually in the business now.

In fact ,on this tool, there were three simple 3 little words, and it drove the martial arts industry for years.

The tool was so powerful, it was responsible for growing schools to 350+ active training members to even large multi-location operations and franchises.

However, there was so much manual effort involved that thousands more prospective members simply fell through the cracks and NEVER became martial artists.

It's a shame, isn't it?

Hi, my name is J. Scott, and welcome!

You're about to discover EXACTLY how frustrated school owners and instructors become the most savvy, martial arts professionals by creating Monster Enrollment Growth using 8-Point Smart Marketing Tech™ that's Powerful, Simple, Easy to Use Martial Arts Software and it's built for people that aren't good with computers.

By the time you've finished checking out this site, you're going to know the real secret to Monster Enrollment Growth for real schools... Small schools, medium, large, and even mega schools and franchises.

With what you’re about to learn, you too can be certain that you can enjoy solid growth & retention for Monster Enrollment Growth.

So who am I to say these kinds of things?

And why should you listen to what I’m sharing with you in this training?

To keep it short, I'm responsible for helping over 6,000 martial arts instructors across the world to grow and manage their businesses… as the technology and business systems expert.

Oh, by the way... start the 8-Point Smart Marketing Tech Free Workshop to learn more about the 1 tool with 3 little words that's responsible for thousands and thousands or new martial arts students, below.



Learn How Savvy Martial Arts School Owners are Getting Monster Enrollment Growth 

It's like having 2 full-time employees to do all the work you hate so you have time to teach and do what you love.




How to stop worrying about enrolling new students and retention by using proven martial arts business systems guaranteed to help you grow by 100 extra students in just 12 months.


Amazing feedback from our customers from around the world

RainMaker will save our business over $700/month in fees along, not to mention all of the additional valuable services we're are getting. You guys rock!

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N. Cotellese

Business Owner

"She was patient and so detailed, always answering with short videos or detailed explanations which was so important to a new user. And... she's just really fun to work with."

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Jan Stockton

Karate West

"Always great quick service from Rainmaker customer support, best support from any vendor in our industry ...period."

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Korbett Miller

School Owner

"Maddison is great. Love the software and especially the super helpful team. Best decision was going with Rainmaker...Ous"

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Thomas Curry

School Owner

It's like having 2 full-time employees to do all the work you hate so you have time to teach and do what you love.

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