RainMaker’s AutoCollect™ isn’t just about automating tuition payments.  It has several parts that make everything easier for you.









  1. AutoCollect™ – automate your tuition payments.
  2. Payment Saver™ – payments get declined for many reasons.  PaymentSaver™ makes sure to process declined payments up to 5 times so you get paid faster.
  3. Payment Updater™ – 3 to 7 percent of all credit cards expire each and every month so this process automatically reminds members with expiring cards 30 days or so before their credit card expiration and you can even let them update their card securely, online so you don’t waste any time at the front counter.

Still using a billing company?

RainMakers brag about saving up to 40 percent compared to what they were paying their billing company.

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