I was FURIOUS at my staff member.

It was sparring day, and we watched Brandon, one of our nine year old students, being dropped off out front. As his mom was speeding away and Brandon was opening the door to the dojo my staff member yelled at Brandon “where is your gear!”

Back to the reason I was furious. When a member walks in, they must always be greeted with a warm smile and a polite greeting. They should feel on top of the world.

A huge lesson was learned by my staff member, and now that it has been a few years, it has not happened again. We practiced greeting our students for a few weeks, we role played, rehearsed and made it a part of our culture.

Building rapport is a crucial skill in developing a professional martial arts school.

The secret to building rapport is to practice. A warm smile and soft eye contact is a great start. Handshake, high five or a pat on the shoulder. A polite greeting. A simple series of questions.

This one skill can improve enrollments, increase retention and build a great team of members and staff members.

Crush this week!

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