What is a Marketing Tech Stack?

A marketing technology stack for martial arts schools is a group of “software” tools business owners use to efficiently and effectively market for new prospects and communicate with current members.

#1 – Evernote


Evernote is a place to do a brain dump.  It’s a place to save web pages.  It’s a place to keep notes and ideas.  It’s a place where you can tag and search all your notes (try that with your yellow pad!).  You can even do voice dictation on your phone.  Best of all, you can use it for free!  It works on both android and apple devices. https://evernote.com/


#2 – Canva


Canva is an online image creator.  Create new Facebook banners, post pictures, email graphics, and more.  Using with its templates is easy.  You can even upload your logo and created branded creatives and elements with the click of a button.  https://www.canva.com/
I like Bannerstack as well: http://www.bannersnack.com/


#3 – CRM

RainMaker Membership Systems Logo - Blue




Store those prospects, members and contacts of all kinds somewhere besides an excel file.  CRM’s give you a ton of flexibility.  Obviously, I’m going to recommend RainMaker Membership Software if you’re in the fitness or martial arts business.  But if you’re on a budget of zero there are plenty of free options.  ( I mean come on I had to mention ours, but if RM isn’t a good fit use ZenPlanner, we love them, and they have an amazing culture. https://zenplanner.com/)

#4 – Email Marketing System

Autoresponders, follow-up campaigns and one-off, or broadcast messages are a necessity to communicate your message today.  Aweber, Constant Contact, or a newer school option would be Drip.  Of course, RainMaker is the best choice for a seamless approach that just makes things easier. (https://www.aweber.com/ ,https://www.constantcontact.com,https://www.drip.co/ ***<===I really like these guys)


#5 – Chrome & Extensions that give you super powers

(I didn’t write the description below, I simply used the one included by them)
If you’re using Chrome but not extensions you’re wasting time and your life is way harder and less fun than it should be.  Check out Momentum, it has beautiful scenes, welcomes you each day, reminds you of your most important tasks and lets you integrate other apps directly into it.
Another extension is Grammarly, which helps with spell check, grammar, and more.

One more is AccessURL.  With it you can Share access to websites without giving away your username and password. Share access with an Access URL instead.
Securely share access to websites with colleagues and family without giving away your username and password. AccessURL provides you with a secure URL that temporarily gives others access to the site you’re currently signed into.  For example, use AccessURL to:
– Share your Netflix account with your mom, without telling her your username and password
– Convince your roommate to let you use his HBO GO account
– Let your colleague send that email for you
– and so much more

Security is very important. That’s why AccessURL encrypts the session data with AES before creating the Access URL. That’s also why AccessURL lets you set an expiration on Access URLs.

Only send Access URLs to people you personally know and trust. Only use it for websites which allow you to share accounts.

#6 – https://www.fiverr.com/

Fiverr is an easy way to start moving in the direction of $1000 an hour thinking vs. $8 an hour tasks.  Fiverr can help you design web forms, remove a background from that image you want to use. Maybe you want a voice over for a video, and maybe you want a video created for you, even an explainer or whiteboard video.  Obviously, it’s probably not PRIME quality, but it will get you moving forward and building momentum.  Stay tuned for another article where I’ll give you some tips and getting the best results with this cool service.


#7 – Trello


With Trello, you can make plans, create checklists, get other people’s input, create multiple projects and so much more.  You can also copy other people’s Trello boards to set things up even faster with their inspiration boards.  You will love this tool! https://trello.com/