I don’t know how many times I said this to myself before learning an idea that changed everything for me.

look at this

A determined mindset makes all the difference. That’s what we teach, right?

But is mindset enough to change your results? YES!

Here is the mindset I developed: “I’m just a white belt at this and I’ll get better”

You see, when you’re implementing a marketing process or taking action on techniques and strategies you’ve learned such as a promotional booth, a birthday party or a referral program
they may not “work” the way you expect the first time. Heck, they probably won’t work the 2nd, 3rd, even 4th time.

But wait, you say to yourself “I’m doing it EXACTLY like  I was told.” Hmmmm, do you think your white belts feel that way, when they’re practicing a front kick at the beginning? I’ll bet they do.

Remember to keep at at it. Keep doing the strategy and tactics. Keep learning and asking questions. Keep refining the process until one day you become a gold belt and then on and on till you’re a pro.

It will get easier. You will start to see and learn details that make things easier and more productive.

You can do this!

– Scott Dolloff