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Here are a few tips:

1.  Build a habit of watching and tracking your number of total prospects in addition to how many suspects and prospects you add to your system each month.

2.  Find ways to increase your number of “lookie loos.”

What’s a lookie loo?

You know those people that smoosh their hand and face into your window to get a better look?

Yeah, those people.  Get more of them.

When you’re not open, have a great looking display along with information that leads to a special website address, possibly even a specific landing page so you can track exactly where those leads are being generated from.

When people look in the window or stop by, stop what you’re doing, smile at them and say “HI.”  Then create a conversation. But the conversation should NOT start like this “Can I help you?”  You know what the answer will be, right?

Interested in learning how the conversation might go, in more detail?  I’ll share some more tomorrow.

Go take action on this now and make it a habit.  You can do this!