The Transformation From RainMaker to Zivvy

Get ready to see a few of the many updates to come as we cross over from the RainMaker platform to Zivvy. 

And yes, you will still have access to all the features you love and many more to come

Your New Custom Home Page

You can now set your Zivvy home page to many options per user.  
To do this, simply navigate from the top navigation bar, Settings, Company, Manage Users.  Select edit for a specific user. Then scroll to the bottom section for the Home Page.  Select the home page option you want and click save.

User Based

The custom home page allows you to immediately send your team members to the page that makes the most sense for their responsibilities.  So, maybe an owner or administrator wants the new Insights dashboard, while you're front desk person/program director might need to use the Follow Up Manager.

Insights Dashboard

The new Insights Dashboard will be replacing 'Main Menu' in the future but for now, you have both options.  

It's customizable

You can add or remove data widgets so the dashboard only shows the key information that makes the most sense for your business.  Keep an eye out for more data widgets to be introduced over the next few months.

Three Types of Data Widgets

The data widgets are organized into 3 different categories.


Drag & Drop

You can move any widget to different positions on your dashboard so it's even more customized for your specific needs. Plus you can remove any widget that doesn't fit your needs.

Specialized Dashboards Preview

The new Insights dashboard is simply the beginning.  Soon you'll have more refined dashboards that are organized around specific areas of your business which makes it easy to drill down into only the information you need at the time.  These will include Billing dashboards, Membership dashboards and so much more.,

New Reporting Formats

All the reports will be updated to give you all the information that makes sense while looking great.

Sales Transactions

The all new 'Sales Transactions' report gives you all the info that the previous Financial Transactions report does.  The new report is responsive so it works on tablets and mobile devices such as your cell phone.

Zivvy Sales Transactions Report

Streamlined Reporting Options Preview

Check out some of the new 'Streamlined' reporting options that will be made available during the next two quarters of business.

Check-In Kiosk

The all new kiosk not only looks great.  It's simple, clean, and distraction free.


The feature is responsive so it works great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Faster Check-Ins

We have decreased the time between check-ins so traffic flow at your check-in stations will move faster than ever.

Attendance History

After checking-in members will see their class participation details including total number of classes attended and how many classes since last rank promotion.

Advanced Kiosk Features Preview

The new kiosk has many more features coming including an option for an auditory confirmation.  You will have different options or voices available for the "Have a great class" message they will hear after checking-in for class.  You will be able to turn the feature on or off and later you'll be able to upload your own audio message.

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More about the Transformation from RainMaker to Zivvy

Go behind the scenes to see more about why we've transformed the brand to Zivvy and what it's all about.

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