1.  Email, Email, Email!


Send out a broadcast email to all prospects.  Make it short and sweet.  It will seem genuine and less like bulk email.

subject line:  hey…

email copy:  Hey, are you still interested in checking out one of our martial arts programs?  Let me know.  – Scott


2.  Shout it out!

At the beginning and end of each class make an announcement.

Remember, you can invite a friend to come to class with you, on your next class.  Let me know who your going to invite
and Ill make sure to write them down for the roster.  AND remember this, whoever brings a friend, gets a [insert a special prize].

Then starting the next day, send a text message to all your students:  Remember today is a day you can bring a friend to class.  -Instructor Smith


3.  Create Your Own Looky Lous

When you’re not open, actually always, put a small table outside your door of your school.  Put a lead box or a display with brochures or rack cards.
One of the best things we ever did was to roll a Bob outside next to the table, put a school t-shirt on him and a head gear.  People will walk by, stop, and
even hit him.  It’s ok.  Walk out and say hi and invite them to participate.