1. Call 3 Students and tell them something great.

Hi this is Instructor Smith, is this Mrs. Frank?  Mrs. Frank I wanted to call and let you know how proud I am of Chris.  He always does in best in class and lately i’ve noticed he has great eye contact whenever he’s speaking to you. I’m very proud of him!  When will we see you in class next?  Great!  Have a great day, we  will see you soon!

2.  Send 3 Good Job Notes

3.  Set up an MIA Flow

a.  (8 days after missing classes)  Text/SMS – Hi this Instructor Smith, just wondering when you guys will be in class next?
b.  10 days – Email – Hey when will we see you next?  Remember to pull/scan your attendance card.
c.  14 days –  Task – Call student now

4.  Create excitement in class

Remember to set a goal for each class.  Class today our goal is to improve our speed.  I’m going to be watching to see who gets faster today.

5.  Set a goal –

Watch your retention percentages and set a goal to improve it by x percent.

6.  Schedule an event

Create an environment that gives people a reason to always be looking forward to the next thing.  A party, a seminar, a special class, etc.

7.  Use Tips, Merit Badges and Certificates in class

You can always find something good to reward in class. And don’t wait till the end of class – find ways to reward your students during specific times through out the class.  You will find this alone keeps the energy level high without you having to use all your energy to motivate.

J Scott (276)