Want to Add 4 Members  a month at no extra cost? [Super Sweet Surprise towards the end]


Scott from RainMaker here.

During my presentation on Saturday at 10:30AM in the RainMaker room, you’re going to see how to easily add 4 new members a month without any extra cost.

Think about what 4 members a month actually means.

For some it means you can double your membership inside of 12 months.

For others it means you add about $50,000 a year in revenue.

OR maybe it means the difference between actually making a profit or working for free.

Check out some other highlights:


  • Learn the 3 Most Important Numbers you need to know to make decisions on growing your school.
  • 7 Ways to Get More Done in less time
  • The “New School” way to Get More Trials
  • The Number 1 Thing that STOPS you from reaching your goals faster and what to do about it.

Remember, I will be awarding one lucky person $500 CASH for the best notes.  At the end of my session we will acceptall of your notes and pick the winner.

The winner winner chicken dinner…. will be announced on Saturday at 4:30PM at the RainMaker booth. If you have to leave early, don’t worry…we will make sure the winner receives their $500, no matter what.

NOW….Check this out!


Listen to this!!!

I have invited my friend, 16x World Wrestling Champion, The Nature Boy,  Ric Flair!

If you’ve never seen Ric, you’re in for a real treat!  He’s as high energy and real as they come…There’s no acting with this guy!

Here’s a link to check out your invitation from the 16x World Champ! WOOOOO!




  1. Get a proven cash surge email campaign that repeatedly creates over $10,000 in revenue.
  2. Learn the 8 words you can say to wake prospects up and grab attention to bring in more trials through email, text and social media posts.
  3. Learn more about The Open Edge, a non profit organization we’ve created to award $100,000 a year in scholarships and grants.


All the best,








Scott Dolloff
RainMaker Membership Systems & Software

PS.  Please come say Hi!  I’ve been looking forward to the Super Show all year!  It’s one of the best times to connect with all my friends and make new friends that all love the martial arts.

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