Show up

It’s not sexy. It’s not glamourous. It’s pretty basic. The best way to improve your school is to answer your phones from 9 am to 9 pm even though it’s probably not ringing that often.Don’t let it go to voicemail.  Follow an information call path, script, outline what every you want to call the process. Practicing your information call process each day will be the next best thing to improve your business.  This process will carry over into messaging.  Listen, just like the yellow pages, the phone as we know it is dead for business.


Next will be having a messenger device on your website. You should have someone in place to active engage with people who want to message you on your site. People today would rather text message, chat online or even email back and forth than actually speak on the phone. Put this in place, and you will be able to gather more data and information that will help you to adjust your website, and understand what people are looking for to be able to make the decision to choose your school above and beyond anyone else’s program. With a messenger, you will be able to engage more people that are prospects for your business and help them get started.

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Continuously Improve and Enhance the Experience

What is your lobby like? Let’s start with the basics. Is it spotless, clean, pristine and inviting? Does it make people feel like a place they would want to come just to hang out and enjoy themselves? If not, your retention is going to suffer. You’re going to continue to see people running out you’re back door. In other words, quitting your membership is going to be the norm. Make it fun for spectators and parents to be in your academy while their kids and friends are taking classes. Do things to help improve their experience you will add major profits to your bottom line. If expense were no issue, what ideas do you have to make your lobby and spectator areas FUN to hang out in on a regular basis? Now that you have an idea, start where you can with your budget and continuously look for ways to upgrade.
Basics can include a coffee bar that is stocked generously as well as cold bottled water. Even some basic snacks would go a long way to delighting your customers. Also consider your seating, first get rid of all those folding metal chairs. If your school is set up to where you could move everything into your garage and it would seem normal then you have a problem. Create a seating area that is filled with comfortable seating that people would never want to leave. Think about luxury hotels and start where you can to create an experience that is unlike any other.